Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Website for Men on the Down Low: Catharsis.net

In the Detroit Free Press on October 18, 2007 an article appeared with the heading:

THERAPY ON THE WEB: Secret sex lives addressed online
Web site created for down low culture

The group's interactive Web site -- http://www.catharsisonline.net/ -- is designed to let people seeking help, or their loved ones, get therapy over the phone or online, via chat rooms and e-mail.

Welcome to Catharsis Online

Their mission is:

To help persons overcome that which holds them in psychological pain and retards
personal growth. Our specific purpose is to address the needs of those who
cannot reveal their true sexual identity – i.e., those living on the “Down

Additionally and importantly, we believe that loved ones of those
living on the “Down Low”, or those who may suspect their loved ones have
sexuality identity issues and may be hiding them deserve the same access to our
services. Their suffering and confusion is deserving of acknowledgement,
clarification and resolution – a voice.

While we recognize that within any
normal and healthy life emotional ebbs and flows are experienced and hopefully
put in to proper perspective, it is certain change that are deeply conflicting
with cultural morals that is our main area of focus: sexual confusion, self
esteem and/or image issues, unresolved grief, guilt, depression, or anxiety
associated with questions of sexual identity.

This might be a good resource for those who want to remain confidential and explore this side of themselves with healthy anonymous discussions.

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