Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Are you Heteroflexible? Calvin Klein makes room for you.

Today an ad was placed on a billboard in Manhattan, NY.
When I saw this ad I immediately thought about the homoeroticism that existed in the picture. What struck me the most was the "heteroflexibility" of the men. I appreciate Calvin Klein's illustration that men can have sexual feelings toward other men and still be interested in women.

These men are called, "Bisexual", "Bi-Attractional" and the new word is "Heteroflexible".
The Urban Dictionary defines Heteroflexible as:
A primarily heterosexual person who's not opposed to occasional same-sex trysts
when circumstances permit.
The Urban Dictionary also describes "Heteroflexible" as:
A person who enjoys sex with both male & females but considers themselves
heterosexual in the sense that they do not relate with the same sex for an
emotional relationship like a bi-sexual could. Heteroflexible is a heterosexual
person that is beyond the bi-curious stage but would never engage in an
emotional relationship with the same sex.
Many people are protesting and criticizing the picture because of the eroticism depicted in the picture.
I heard one person today say it reminded them of a Cuddle Party. A cuddle party is: event for adults to get together and explore affectionate touch and
communication without it becoming sexualized. At these events, we create the
safe space to talk about and explore what our needs are as adults when it comes
to affection, intimacy and welcomed touch. In other words, CUDDLING!