Saturday, July 25, 2009

Is “Heteroflexible” the New Gay?

Is “Heteroflexible” the New Gay?
by Brent HartingerJuly 21, 2009

This is a great article by Brent Hartinger in and illustrates the increasing awareness that straight men can have sexual relations with another male and still be straight!

Hartinger talks about a few entertainment projects in which straight men have sex with other men.

But it might also actually mean something – namely that America is finally
growing up somewhat when it comes to the topic of guy-guy sexual behavior, and
might even be taking a major step forward on the general understanding of the
fluid nature of human sexuality.

Friday, July 24, 2009

STRONGHOLD: In the Grip of Wrestling

STRONGHOLD: In the Grip of Wrestling

This documentary examines the growing number of men who wrestle as adults, and the social stigmas they encounter.

It talks frankly about wrestling homoeroticism and homophobia, historically
through today, and the many reasons why wrestling has become such an
underappreciated sport in America.

All styles of wrestling are included: amateur wrestling, pro wrestling, and submission grappling.The documentary pulls no punches when talking about sensitive subjects.

Several men discuss how they have been sexually attracted to wrestling since they were kids, and how the age-old fear of getting an erection in a singlet prevented them from wrestling as teens.

They talk about sneaking peeks at library wrestling books and wrestling magazines, watching it on TV and being mesmerized by the guys in tight trunks, or getting aroused while wrestling their friends.

Many grew up with shame for these feelings, and now think that they have to hide their wrestling as adults. Through the Internet and nationwide wrestling events for adult men, thousands of guys are discovering they are not alone.

Award-winning filmmaker, Victor Rook, wanted to make sure that the documentary was all-inclusive, so wrestlers both gay and straight-identified, single and married, were interviewed.

The documentary takes you back stage at a pro indy show, inside amateur wrestling tournaments, a jiu-jitsu school, and several wrestling events specifically geared for adult men.

He even pulls people out of bars and truck stops to wrestle in a portion of the film noted as "The Great Wrestling Road Trip."Watch the entire documentary online or buy the 2-Disc DVD set at

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Pornography Use

I just listened to an excellent talk radio show with a friend and colleague of mine Tammy Nelson who authored, Getting The Sex You Want. The relevance for this blog is that so many of the straight men contact me about their concerns regarding whether they are gay or bisexual given that they watch gay porn. This is beneficial to listen to in my opinion.

I find this radio discussion about pornography and fantasy is very balanced including sexual addiction and compulsivity, statistics, normal use of both pornography and fantasy along with the problems it is causing for younger males who are starting to view porn online at the age of 11!

And the porn they watch is very different than the Playboy and even Penthouse magazines male teens found under their father's beds and dresser drawers. This earlier exposure to pornography reinforces that for those who view pornography early one it can shape their views of what men and women do sexually.

I agree with that 100%. I just don't necessarily believe that for every adult they are at risk. The numbers and statistics of those addressed in this radio show sound like what I have always heard and read.

Click here to listen to the show

Love to hear what others think about this.