Monday, July 16, 2007

Mission Statment of Straight Guise

To help SMSM's (straight men who have sex with men) understand reasons behind their sexual behaviors. Some are inherently gay or bisexual. Others have numerous reasons they seek out sexual contact with men that are not about homosexual orientation. This site is also for women involved with MSM's who want to understand them.

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Vallin said...

I am now almost exclusively a transgender (MTF) admirer ("paratrexual"). I like everything from "sissy-boy" crossdressers ("weekend warriors") to fully post-op transwomen (I have a couple of close girlfriends in the latter category). I'm a 49y/o str8-ish male, and I was exclusively heterosexual until I was 45. I still like cis-women aesthetically (obviously--as I love trans-WOMEN) and as friends, but I have virtually no primal attraction to them generically anymore.

Your take on this?