Thursday, July 12, 2007

Clinical Case Examples in Straight Guise

All clinical cases used here are strictly composites. Any similarities are completely coincidental.

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Anonymous said...

I found out my husband has had sex with trannys in the past. He currently goes on Shemale and gay websites. I discoved this by snooping and he was very angry. I found out that he joined a site that warns "this site is exclusively for the purpose of consensual sex with adult males". At first he denied it, but when he realized there was no denying it, he admited he was just there as a curiosity. He finds the perversions and stories interesting. After I pried and doubted him, he confided in me that he was molested as a child, but would not get into any detail and told me that he "manages" it and has it "under control". He also told me that a part of him will hate me forever for making him tell me (he later took this back, but it's burned into my soul) He insists he is not gay or bisexual at all. He said he is very turned off by gay sex, and called himself "indifferent" to the penis on shemales.

I am having a lot of difficulty dealing with this. I want to stay with him and he wants to stay with me. We are both very angry with eachother. I am angry that he hid this from me and he is angry that I snooped. Ironically, I am a "fag hag". My best friends are gay and now I feel a little weird bringing my husband around my friends. I used to think he was very tolerant, now I just don't know.

I do know that our relationship is doomed if we do not get help.