Thursday, February 21, 2013

"A Billion Wicked Thoughts" book talks about why straight men are interested in sex with men.

There is growing scientific evidence and research being done as to why straight men would be interested in sexual activity with other men. 
Here is some information from Stephen Snyder, MD
It’s not so unusual these days for a woman to discover pornographic pictures on her husband’s computer.  But the images that one wife found recently were especially shocking.  Her first thought when she found them was, “This is the end of our marriage.”
Her next thought was, “This is the end of civilization.”
The pictures were of nude women, ordinary looking women, except with big erect penises where their female genitals should be.  Some were clearly computer-manipulated photographs.  Others seemed to be some kind of Japanese cartoon.   She’d wasted no time in calling her therapist.
Was he gay?   No.   On the internet, there are enough images of real men with erections, in all possible guises and permutations, to satisfy even the most novelty-crazed gay man.
Was his nature in some way secretly feminine?  Absolutely not.   Women don’t go looking for pictures of erect penises.  A woman may appreciate it when a living, breathing male partner has become erect out of desire for her.   But only after he’s proven his worth in other ways.
So what was the husband’s problem?
When I polled colleagues, their response varied from “Never heard of it, but it sounds pretty sick,” to “Steve, you don’t get out enough. This kind of stuff has been around forever.”
Some light on the subject
Last month I received an advance copy of a new book of sexual research, A Billion Wicked Thoughts, that explores the matter of women with erections and many other sexual subjects using an interesting new method.
In the space of a single year, using publicly available data, authors Ogi Ogas and Sai Gaddam collected the records of 400 million internet searches in the US and elsewhere, and analyzed whatever sexual content they found.
After reading the book, I was convinced I had my answer to the question of what was wrong with the husband who liked to look at women with big erections.
The answer:  Nothing was wrong with him at all.
According to the authors of A Billion Wicked Thoughts, he was the target of a sophisticated internet marketing trick, offering men a novel combination of two ordinary things that many ordinary heterosexual men like to look at:   women’s naked bodies . .  and erect penises.

Monday, February 18, 2013

Heterosexual men fellated by gay men have lower prostate and testicular cancer risk, study says

Every once in a while I come across something of humor and like to post it. Here is an article that is similar to something you would find in The Onion.

It also plays to the concept of gay men being attracted to straight men and finding ways to make straight men okay with being sexual together.

Heterosexual men fellated by gay men have lower prostate and testicular cancer risk, study says

Missoula, MT -- Heterosexual men who are regularly fellated by homosexual men have a lower risk of developing prostate and testicular cancer, a research study has found.
The "Study On The General Health Benefits Of One-Way Gay Fellatio" was spearheaded by University of Montana Sexual & Liberal Studies research fellow Dr. Wendel Jones, and will be published in the upcoming Spring issue of the Men's Journal Of Health & Gender. It was initially met with jeers and snickering when first proposed in 2005, but Jones persevered to get funding, and was finally able to get it off the ground a year later.
Conducted over a period of four years, the research involved 600 men aged 23 to 54 who exclusively identify as heterosexual and enjoy penetrative vaginal sex with women. They were divided into two groups: one received oral sex on a daily basis from a team of experienced homosexual men, while the other did not. At the end of the study, all 600 were screened for prostate and testicular cancer. Eight tested positive for prostate cancer; six for testicular. All fourteen were from the group that did not get serviced orally by gay men.
Biologists who have examined the findings believe it may have something to do with "innate body resonance" (IBR), which refers to the human body's natural, ingrained inclination to react positively to external stimuli coming from another person of the same sex. In this case, the oral stimulation of a man's genitals by another man results in a positive metabolic effect that is magnified intrinsically by the body and improves its chances of resisting prostate and testicular cancer development.
"Gay men often like to say that no one knows how to please a man better than another man," said Dr. Gayle Darvill. "Well, it's not just a pick-up line. It's innate body resonance."
Darvill added "it's no surprise" that fewer gay men die of prostate or testicular cancer. "The gays have unknowingly stumbled on the secret to prostate and testicular health," said Darvill.

Saturday, February 9, 2013

Watching porn makes straight men more receptive to the idea of same-sex marriage, new study claims

I posted recently about how straight men can become more susceptible to having sex with another man through the amount of porn he watches. I have also sat with gay and straight men who have told me that they have engaged in various sexual activities which were introduced to them from porn.

I don't judge this to be a positive or negative thing as much as I try to understand the person's relationship to the sexual activity.

That said, it makes sense to me that the more porn a straight man watches the more receptive to the idea he would be of gay marriage. The more positive exposure people receive to witnessing gays in any way, the less homophobic they become and research has shown this to be true as well. To read some of this research I recommend Dr. Herek's research

This study supports this idea.

Watching porn makes straight men more receptive to the idea of same-sex marriage, new study claims Read more: Follow us: @MailOnline on Twitter | DailyMail on Facebook

Campaigners for same-sex marriage have always come up against particularly vociferous opposition from heterosexual men.
But a study from the U.S. has suggested a novel method of persuading them to soften their stance on the divisive issue: get them to watch dirty videos.
The new academic analysis suggests that the more that straight men watch pornography, the more they warm to the idea that two people of the same sex could be married.
Paul Wright, assistant professor of communications at Indiana University and author of the study, said the effect was particularly marked in men who were less-well educated.
He said the change in attitude could because of pornography opens their mind to accepting non-traditional sexual situations - like those involving participants of the same sex.

To read the entire article click here