Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Mending a Shattered Heart: A Guide for Partners of Sex Addicts

I am excited to announce the upcoming release of another book which I contributed to edited by Dr. Stephanie Carnes called, Mending a Shattered Heart.

ISBN: 0-9774-4006-9

About the Book:

Where do I go from here?

You are not alone. Thousands of
unsuspecting people wake up every day to discover their loved one, the one
person that they are supposed to trust completely, has been living a life of
lies and deceit because they suffer from a disease - a disease called sex
addiction. Stefanie Carnes brings together several authors to guide the
reader through an assortment of topics like “How Do I Handle This?” and “What Do
I Tell the Kids?”

The chapter I wrote is:

Straight Guise: Is My Partner Gay?

This chapter will help the partners of these men, first by separating the two types of men: men who are gay and bisexual; and men who are heterosexual who seek sex with other men. The difference is one of sexual orientation versus sexual preference. It will also help women develop a deeper understanding of their partners’ behaviors and recognize that it can have many meanings, and that it may not mean the relationship has to end.

It will answer the following questions:

What does it mean when men seek sex with other men?

What are some reasons men have sex with other men?

What is erotic intelligence?

Why did I marry a gay man?

What does my family history have to do with this?

“The Seven-Year Switch”: The Gradually Gay Husband. Why do Gay Men Marry Straight Women?

Disclosure: How Do I Go From the Down Low to In The Know?

On some level, I feel as though this is my fault. How do I keep from blaming myself?
Now that I know, where do I go from here?