Sunday, December 23, 2007

Is Public Sex Okay?

After taking the poll if you want to elaborate on why you think it is okay or not please feel free to do so here on this blog. I would love to hear people's thoughts and reactions.

Also, there are reports that men who have sex with men are arrested moreso than if women having sexual relations with men are when discovered by police. Gay groups state that straight folks get a finger shaking warning and are told to go home whereas men who have sex with men get arrested.

Do you believe this? Why do you think this is? Gay groups site homophobia. Is there more to it than this?


ShowMeYours said...

My partner has a fantasy about sex in public, but that fantasy stops short of the dangers of realty. I have had more experience: in the bars, gay beaches, jacking off a guy while driving or in a sparse movie theatre. I once tied a date to a tree with his own belt. There is a thrill to doin-it in a place not part of the normal routine, that's somewhat public, and the chance of being caught or prosicuted is minimal. But it has always been with another gay man (and when I was single). I have no interest in a quickie with a "straight" man in a public rest room.

Anonymous said...

sounds like addictive behaviour to me.

Brisly said...

I have known several men, gay and straight, who have spoken of enjoying sex in a public place and the thrill and danger of discovery it added to the experience. This is not just a "gay" motivated act but one that any orientation or gender has been known to either perform or fantasize about at one point or another. While working with a local AID's Task Force some years ago, we went as far as to venture to some of the local parks and rest stops to pass out condoms and talk about safe sex in this environment. Our society has become much more open minded to this manner of physical interaction over the years, however, the negativity of it has been driven mostly by the media that implies that it is heavily a "gay" activity.

Monika said...

As a bi woman (in a heterosexual relationship) I am almost certain I wouldn't be arrested for having sex in public. I do not believe that this reality is the same for gay men or bi men having sex with men, period.