Monday, September 1, 2008

Lesbians who are aroused and enjoy watching gay male pornography

Many people who read this blog have a hard time understanding how a straight male could enjoy gay male porn.

I have uploaded an article entitled:

Hot Man on Man Action (And the Lesbians Who Love Watching It) by Elizabeth F. Stewart from In the Family Magazine, Summer 2000.

By clicking on the link and scrolling down you will find the article.

I believe this article clarifies how and why sexual orientation does not always line up with sexual preferences. Most people would say that lesbians would be turned off by gay male pornography if they are truly lesbians. However, the author of this article makes some important points about the lesbians who do enjoy gay male porn:
  • The "players in the gay male porn are all very hot and the focus is on the sex"
  • Lesbians who enjoy anal sex
  • Men "cannot fake arousal"
  • What "the viewer sees is real"
  • Gay male sex is seen as "nastier," more "down and dirty," and "forbidden".

My own judgment about why anyone who is not gay or bisexual would be attracted to gay male pornography is that the male porn stars are usually engaged in a mutual, reciprocal and power balanced act in which no man is being abused, objectified in a humiliating or demeaning way and both seem to be wanting the other to enjoy the sexual act.

This is unlike much of straight porn where usually the male is dominant and the woman is submissive and there only to please the man and her pleasure is for the enjoyment of the male--not her own.


Draco said...

Interesting article. Would be interesting to hear the actual biological reasoning between a difference in romantic orientation and sexual arousal. It just seems weird how someone could be heteroromantic but homosexual, or homoromantic but heterosexual, or any of those things.

Draco said...

biologically reasoning BEHIND*