Friday, March 6, 2009

Joe Kort talks about Straight Guise on Oprah and Friends Radio

I was interviewed on Oprah and Friends Radio by Dr. Laura Berman on "Better in Bed". The topic was straight men who have sex with men who are not gay or bisexual.

If you would to hear the interview go to and click on Radio and then click on
Dr. Laura Berman. There you click on archives and the show is listed under:

Sexuality and Single Moms on 3/5/09.

As always I like to hear your comments so please feel free to comment as I take each entry very seriously and into account.

I know there have been some readers worried that I am helping deeply closeted men remain in the closet by doing this work because those men fool themselves into thinking they are straight when, in reality, they are gay.

If you read through this blog and the website I talk about the differences between a man who is gay and bisexual and a man who is straight.

Straight Guise is not intended to be for the closeted gay or bisexual man.


Anonymous said...

I appreciated your talk on the Dr. Laura Berman show on Oprah's XM station. I am dating a man who is not gay but has had fantasies of being with a man. I believe him when he tells me he is not gay, I feel deep within this is the truth, and I accept him for who he is. It has been comforting for me to learn there are other men out there who are straight, want a heterosexual love relationship but may fantasize about sex with a man. Thank you for your work and this website.

katie said...

Hey Joe, when are you going to have your blog up for women in relationships with MSMS?

I really hope your blog starts to get more action -- it's a really needed counter-balance to the bisexual support groups that most women are sort of forced into utilizing due to lack of a source like this.


katie said...

BTW -- is this an ongoing research issue for you?

Are you planning any further publications about this issue?

I really hope so, your voice is really needed.


Joe Kort said...

Katie, I definately need to put something up for women and am going to do so. I am writing and doing more research on SMSM's as well. Thanks for asking and am so glad this blog is helpful.

Warmly, Joe