Wednesday, September 5, 2007

What becomes of the Homophobic?

There is an excellent blog entry on Sexual Intelligence called, "Having Sex with men does NOT Make Larry Craig Gay" by author and sexpert Dr. Marty Klein. He writes about the Larry Craig scandal and says the following:

If Craig could simply say, “I’m straight, I just like to have an occasional sexual adventure with a man,” he might not have to spend his life desperately trying to convince himself that he’s not gay. He might not have to spend his professional career viciously trashing homosexuality and preventing gays from accessing their full civil rights.

He might have a marital crisis on his hands, but that’s his private business. As almost everyone agrees, lying to your spouse about having sex with someone else is immoral, regardless of their gender. Craig’s fears about his “immorality”—and his rantings about others’—were focused on the wrong thing.

I completely agree with Klein.

It isn't just men who are deeply closeted who bash gays and lesbians, it is those who are often hiding something of a sexual nature such as their own affairs, sexual fetishes and fantasies, sexual abuse, and sexual addiction to name just a few examples. Through hating themselves for their own unwanted feelings, desires and beliefs they lash out at others for their "naughty behaviors" as Craig did toward Former President Clinton and opposing gay rights.

Marty Klein is author of the book:

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