Friday, September 7, 2007

Is It Just a Phase to Haze?

A hazing article posted on Posted by The Grand Rapids Press September 05, 2007 entitled:

Teen in hazing case sentenced to probation

The hazing detailed in the school and police investigation included restraining students by holding down their arms and legs, slapping victims' stomachs to cause the skin to turn pink, applying pressure to the victim's rectal area through their clothes using thumbs or fingers -- on one occasion, a toothbrush was used to apply pressure. The allegations also included pulling down the perpetrators' pants and putting their rear ends in the face of victims, and using their hands in the victim's genital areas.

I find it of interest that no one talks about the homo-erotic tone to these types of acts. When these articles are written there are no accusations of those involved being homosexual, gay or bisexual.

Why is that? Certainly there is something sexual--even if covertly--about these boys engaging in these types of acts. And yet there is no public outcry, accusations or exploration about what these boys are trying to express in terms of their sexuality.

I suggest that these males engaging in these behaviors are Straight Guise who have various interests in exploring homosexuality and perhaps are not gay. The only permission we give males in our society to expore this is being on the downlow, violence, hazing, bathrooms, or other underground and dark places.

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