Saturday, August 25, 2007

Hazing and Straight Guise

These are only a few articles of the hundreds of reports wherein hazing has a homoerotic and homosexual theme running through it.
Teen Gets Jail For Hazing Incident
By CHRISTINE DEMPSEY The Hartford Courant
August 23, 2007

MANCHESTER - A former upperclassman in a Glastonbury program for out-of-state, gifted minority teens was sentenced to nine months in prison today for brutalizing freshmen during an ongoing hazing ritual...four upperclassmen at the program arrested last year on charges that they abused freshmen as part of an ongoing hazing ritual that included slapping, kicking and beatings with ping pong paddles. Some of the abuse was sexual...
Teen boys charged in Grant hazing incident
NIU official says no counselors were near vicinity of attack
Published on: Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Article by: Jami Knowles Web Reporter

Four male teenagers are facing charges stemming from an alleged hazing incident at Grant Towers Residence Hall.
Shortly before dinner on the night of July 8, two 14-year-old boys were attacked outside a laundry room during a summer wrestling camp.
The first boy had his hands bound by a belt and athletic cream rubbed on his chest. The second boy was held down and the cream was rubbed on his chest and genitals.
Coopersville teen gets probation for hazing baseball teammate
Created: 8/3/2007

Investigators say the boy and four other members of Coopersville High School's junior varsity team slapped a teammate, rubbed his private areas, and put their body parts in his face.

These are ways straight men have sex with other men. Using violence, humiliation and sado-masochistic means to have sexualized contact with each other.

Some of the reasons men engage in this behavior is having been abused physically and sexually themselves, latent homosexual and bisexual feelings, homoerotic interest using "acceptable ways" to express those interests and anger at males in general.

Though only a partial list for this blog at this time, humiliation through sex, violence and feminizing are sadly societal acceptable ways for men to have sexual contact with another male without being labeled gay.

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