Sunday, May 25, 2008

Born in the USSA! (Unwanted Same Sex Attractions)

No this is not a Bruce Springsteen song!

USSA stands for Unwanted Same Sex Attractions.

Sadly, the organizations which support them are mostly anti-gay and teach that there is nothing positive or okay about anyone being lesbian or gay.

This is where I part ways with these types of reparative therapies and exgay organizations. I believe that there are those with same sex attractions (SSA) and with the right therapy can rid themselves of them. However for those who are successful there were not gay from the start in my judgment. Perhaps they were bisexual or sexual abuse survivors or many other reasons men and women have sexual interest in the same gender.

A disturbing website exists titled, "" which states the following:

What is Same-sex Attraction?

Same-sex attraction is an intense interest in others of the same gender. This
interest may include desires for their attention, friendship, intimacy, and/or a
fascination with their bodies and other gender traits. It may also include
erotic thoughts, feelings, and behaviors directed toward the same gender. The
psychological community uses the term homosexuality to refer to the entire
complex that includes attractions, feelings, desires, sexual behavior, identity,
and all its associated aspects, such as problems with masculinity,
self-perception, emotional dependencies, and relationship issues.

A person who experiences same-sex attraction may experience emotional and sexual feelings or attractions, and may or may not engage in sexual behavior. Same-sex attraction cannot be identified simply by the presence or absence of outward
sexual behavior. Read a more complete description of what is same-sex

So far in reading this I agree and I believe there are those who fall into this category and could be acting out homosexually and not be gay or bisexual.

However, the website turns to a chill toward gays and lesbians when you click on a page that says the following:

The plight of gay people

Gays and lesbians suffer, often unjustly and unfairly. In addition to
their difficult internal struggles, they also encounter the ignorance and
prejudice of others. Instead of receiving love and support from their families,
they are often ostracized. Rather than being involved in supportive church
groups, they find themselves on the outside because even good Christians often
don’t know how to react to someone with same-sex attraction.

Gay people are sometimes evicted by landlords, fired by employers, and
even face violent physical attacks. Hate crimes are increasing and some people
use AIDS
as an excuse to show their hatred.1 Less than 2% of the gay population survives
to age 65. They are 116 times more likely to be murdered and 24 times more
likely to commit suicide than the average person.2 It is a difficult lifestyle
where AIDS and other factors cause suffering and premature death.3 The
collective anger over mistreatment and the frustration caused by their internal
struggles are powerful forces behind the gay rights movement.

They use misinformation, lies, and scare tactics to persuade everyone struggling with same sex attractions that they are really straight and that there is nothing good about being gay.

I believe in "outing" these organizations and will do so from time to time on this blog to show how harmful they are.

I believe that men and women who struggle with same sex attraction deserve to have the path of heterosexuality and homosexuality open to them and they they deserve to find their way on their own with guides who do not have an agenda!

I am hopeful that myself and those reading my blog and books are those guides.


Anonymous said...

Your blog keeps getting better and better! Your older articles are not as good as newer ones you have a lot more creativity and originality now keep it up!

Dr. Joe Kort said...

Thank you. I always wonder who is reading this blog. I have been in school up until recently so it has been sparse and I hope to add more this year.