Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Is there such thing as ‘gay for pay?’

My comment is basically about sexuality – specifically in the gay porn industry.

Many “gay” porn performers insist they are completely straight and only
“do it for the money.’” I guess my question is: Can you be completely straight
while having gay sex?

My opinion is that you have to be aroused during
sex with someone – which would mean these ’straight’ performers are turned on by
their male partner – which would mean they’re not completely straight. Right?

However, I’ve talked to industry insiders who aggressively maintain that
many of their performers are indeed completely straight and are NOT aroused
while performing a gay sex scene and that they are “just doing their job.” This
confuses me greatly.

I would say that sexuality is fluid and not black
& white, but the topic of “gay for pay” in the porn industry is a hot topic
and it fascinates me that these performers contend and assert their
heterosexuality. What are your opinions?

The answer to the question is absolutely yes! The way to understand this is from the perspective that what excites these guys is not the man but sex. For many men, the act of sex is arousing and male or female is not as much a factor as the actual sexual arousal. For example, we understand that men in prison engage in sex with other men and are not gay. Their sexual orientation stays the same, but the desire for sexual release and orgasm is the drive – not the sexual connection to the man.

There is a difference between sexual orientation, sexual fantasies, and sexual behavior. They don’t often line up the way we think they should. Many gay men enjoy sex with women – especially younger gay men and heterosexually-married gay men. These men report they enjoy the sexual act and are deeply satisfied because of their connection to the woman.

To read more of my answer go to http://www.365gay.com/news/ask-the-expert-is-there-such-thing-as-gay-for-pay/

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