Friday, October 29, 2010

Response emails to gay for pay

This is an email I received after my "Gay for Pay" article was written. I
am reprinting with permission from the sender:

I believe that there is
such a thing as gay for pay. Many gay for pay performers are mediocre at best
and some of them are downright awful. Any time a man needs to see straight porn
while performing gay sex you should know that he is in bad shape. For example Bam is a porn star
who does not gay and straight porn. More often than not, his gay performances
are not particularly well done. On the other hand, when he performs straight sex,
he does not have a single problem in maintaining an erection sometimes that he
must work on to perform gay sex. Another example is Castro aka Supreme. He is
one of the worst performers around. When he performs with black or Latino
performers, he makes having sex look like a very difficult job to do. He has the
hardest time trying to position his sex partner. The only time when he seems
remotely interested in performing gay sex is when he started to perform with
white gay performers. I think that his performances with them is based on the
fact that he is paid more on a white website than black studios and he can push
his white performers around with great ease because they like being treated that
way particularly when performing with a black star with a big dick. The extreme
lack of intimacy and the absence of touching while performing sex is another
indicator to me. Although I recognize that some gay men will not kiss or touch
their partners, gay for pay performers not only have that problem but they also
will not perform certain other sexual behaviors that they find distasteful like
sucking another man’ penis. This situation is common among many black
homosexuals. One more example watch Bjorn’s movie about making a porn movie and
look at the some of the performers and the expressions on their faces. You see
nothing but disgust and contempt. I will stop rambling. Take care

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